Technology and Telecommunications

The sales process in the technology and telecommunications sector presents different obstacles. A process that often requires long time, constant follow-up actions, and effective “nurturing” activities, in order to bring leads to the decision-making phase. Furthermore, they often are complex sales, mostly characterized by many decision-makers. All this, with the addition of a strong competition that often crosses national borders.
These considerations apply also in the energy-related sectors, in which the sales object is often the contract. In other cases, companies linked to the energy sector develop genuine consumer products, for much faster but complex B2B and B2C sales.
Whether your company is promoting innovative technology, a mix of hardware and software or web services or energy-related products, we will be able to help you develop your sales performance.
Change has worked with dozens and dozens of IT companies in the market-leading energy sector generating huge changes in speed in its sales performance.

Increases sales in technology and energy
Starting from the lead generation to develop new customers, to negotiation and closure of the sale. Business people in technology and energy sector need the right skills to succeed in sales. Change Training is your right partner: we have a wide range of courses developed specifically for the energy sectors that cover the entire business process, from lead generation, to the closing of sales and the excellence of the after-sales service. In this way, we immediately increase the number of new leads each month and obviously sales performance.

Winning team in the technology and energy sector.
To succeed in sales related to IT and energy sector, you need a united team that expresses coordinated energy every day, and in the right direction. We will help you create a team of top performers and a culture of sales success according to your sales objectives.

Let your clients grow in the technology and energy sector
Often IT and energy companies take for granted their Account Managers results, making the results ordinary and flat, being already achieved. In Change Training we are used to creating customized training plans for Account Managers, improving their ability to cross-sell, upsell and optimize their skills. In this way, we immediately increase the average turnover for each customer and wake up the “almost-lost” client. Always, with progress in terms of guaranteed turnover.

Some of our most important customers of this industry:

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